Sledge Adams, a family name, a brain insane. After all "we're all mad here."

Writer. Activist.



A blog of short stories, 52 to be precise. A year in the making, for a lifetime of love. Beginning and ending Feb. 14, Momentus: Moments of Us.

(Found on this site under the tag: blog)

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A secret project to be finished... one day. If you know of a literary agent, or publisher that would be interested in discussing this, or any of my works, please do not reference them to this run-on sentence. Instead, reference them to contact me/to contact us.

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Children's Author

To no end, the crazy brain persists. And this includes various forms of writing. Most excitedly, I have finished three children's books. Where are they, you ask? Do you? I do not know, for I cannot hear you, for this is a computer and not a telephone.

(For further viewings of my renderings, charcoal and what not, view my instagram account.)

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