46/52 Santa’s Little Helpers

Yesterday went off without delay, but little did you know tis because the little things made it this way!

A day crafted to be ultra big, made special because… well you’ll see in this here message below/above.

There is something flashy that does so without needing to be noticed. A decor of all things, but speaking none–nonetheless this flash is both spectacular and of season. Ringing with merriment and cheer, they are here they are here and they are here to help dear Santa, as time draws near.

The night, twas Eve. Here they are upon tree. A bright and shiny, new and unwinding, round and round and round it goes. No, I am not discussing a ring, nor any sort of jewelry.  And it is living and breathing just as you and me, lead by that atop of their tree. Take notice, upon your tall, wide, narrow or lackluster branches, these ornaments are here not just for hanging–wonderful merriments, of all sizes, flashiness, and the occasional homemade remedy, they are here they are here, and they ring out with cheer.

Here they are to (to be pictured later, as they) come together for one wonder, one thing, in unison–to celebrate the joining together of your morning family.

Those weighted at the base, to the candy canes in their place, and strung in between on braces, lights await to ignite a runway.

Eh hem, Eh hem–there she is, exclaiming through a chime brightening in, this director of time, a choir and angel, both in good rhyme–if you don’t mind, we must begin. And with a flick of her halo, an exclamation of wings, she grabs the attention of those in the tree, from the base, to the ring–to focus and prepare for the annual ceremony.

The chorus sings. And outward the note crescendos. Dollies and bells reason with great joy to hear, that the keeper, the angel of receptive toppings now shows. The time is upon Santa’s great helpers, to do what they do best! Can you guess? Need I mention? To help Santa, you’d say? Well yes, jolly good guess.

The jingles all round, roll out, and push to make way for stacks from the chimney’s new whoosh. About the stacks of many many filled and bowed presents, they prepare. As the lights now unwound string down the room, two aisles of anticipation. They ignite and they await  the directive girls and boys presents. The delicate ornaments keep watch of the window and sides of the tree with great glee to make sure Dancer, and Prancer or any variation of these are seen! Awaiting all, they halt. They breathe. Soon will be the lit message of Rudolph, the messenger for gifts to soon be received. And all is in good timing, with great care, for with great practice all is prepared. Those from the boxed attic now onto the tree. All lead by tree topper, a most patient (and thorough) of leads. Oh lady, oh angel, sing! And sing out! Proclaim the delicates for Rudolph has given red shout. A resounding hum in the room, like a crackle and a snort, of the fire comes in unison the Nutcrackers fair chomp. From their tiny little jaws, comes the merriest of beginnings, for here come the presents, with bows numbering, perhaps, too many.

Gather round, gather round to receive in good plenty–the white and spiraled presents, with flare, striped of one apiece, or perhaps twenty. The sleigh has left, but our work now begins as down the shoot they’ll come! The presents are here.

Quite swiftly the chaos ensures as presents doth shoot down to jingling rounds upon the springing backs of ornaments and all stand, rolling to catch and cascade the rumbling presents now. Those for Johnny and those for Sue. Organized, like we practiced, the stacks are made, for practice let them know just what to do. A tower of presents, not least of all. A jingle rolls the last unto the placements final call.

No pickle! No fit! Back onto tree, lights as they had been. And with this, the ribboned and lit ornaments gather back to their tier leveled place. Every last dollie, every crafted grace.

Another successful night, all that’s left is to wait, to sit in the quiet before gift after gift–Johnny and Sue open the tower below in a jif. Oh to see that beautiful havoc below the tree, in full bloom. That will make the whole year worth it, the attic, that room. Now, they all will shake with equal joy, as two children opening presents on Christmas morn. With each and every shriek, hoop and holler, every branch and every limb, jingles with fa-la-la-la-la-la. Bells, candy canes, blinking lights, angel and dollies they are all here without thanks. They are all here shining, but their gift is more great. Humbly, they help. Quietly, they receive, in tenfold a joy more than anything of speech.

There are many helpers this holiday season, you might truly be too. Those beyond giving presents, those carrying neighbors goods, to those cooking with grandma, or helping the homeless, to those adopting the pets right before us, to those taking care of the sick in the quiet, darkened rooms, and all the year’s helpers improving their communal gloom. No matter the height, the amount, nor decorative name–tis the season. Remember! Remember to thank! Be grateful. Be humble. Be swift towards rejoicing, for you are here. You are here. And so are Santa’s little helpers!

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