49/52 (Change)

Change is coming.

Change is.


Unhinged it rings out like a bat from a cave. But it does not know of either of these things, for bats do not exist here and caves, there are no need for those, either. Everything exists out, in the clear.

Without the need of clothing. Without the facade of its change, day by day. Humanity exists alongside one another, clear in its differences. Clear in its anatomy. Clear that there will be consistency and same level headedness, for all humans now have the same exact amount of possessions: none. The humans have nothing, that is except for raw emotion, raw desires, and of course one another.

They sleep in clean air, and level fields. They rear their children as each day will wield.

And so it is, for it has been told for decades. For the end of times came and went. And now the new time does this, so on and so forth in a land of same, level playing fields.

Everything eaten is clean. That is guaranteed. Everything put into the body is natural. Everything given by the body, is expected. And every one is as they are born with. Their skin. Their hair. Their neck. Their weight. Their mood shifts.

Every day involves a life most primitive, for they have reverted to a time that the earth was mother. And they are her children. Mother provides clean, guarantees, day in and day out. Consistent.

They are home, for the nomads were outlasted by this beautiful garden here. This flat garden of growth and fields. It is moderate year round. It is comfortable. It is.

And every day goes on like this, for so it was proclaimed. Until… it yields.


Change is.

Change is coming.

A mask rises from the drinking still to speak on occasion, that a message for the humans primitive. A delivery random. A delivery to keep them in check, to watch over the garden, to watch out for the temptations of change. To make sure mother earth stays content. The mask of current, erupts from the still current, their source of drink and bath and all things adjacent. The mask speaks with eyes so deep and dark that the humans dare not misinterpret it.

The humans live here, but they are mere guests of the land, the water. The mask makes sure they know this.

They stay consistent. Not only out of fear, but necessity.

The mask makes sure that there never is: change.

But, like the rotation of the earth, this is inevitable, isn’t it?┬áSurely, change is. And it is coming. Be still water, though you are driven by the current. Change is coming.┬áDo not be masked by a naked opinion. Change is coming. Oh, yes. Change is.

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